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A lot of research shows that men who have some sexual dysfunction spend most of their time away from sex lives. In the same aspect, most of researches done to create products that are able to solve some of these problems have ended up making the situation worse especially those that are manufactured artificially. Other drugs that have been developed have also been found to have some other side effects that not only lead to other complications, but also expose one to other serious sex-related diseases. There was a need to produce a product that could be capable of answering and dealing with this issue completely with no effects, and Prolongz is one of them.

Prolongz –What does it contain?

This product has the ability combine with other substances in the body that are responsible for the sexual excitement. These are substances that range from the hormones to the enzymes, and even to the sexual organs, and are made to function optimally with the help of the ingredients that Prolongz comes with. Unlike all other products in the market that are capable of performing the same tasks, this one is a food additive, making it possible to be consumed in the dietary way.

The product works in a very short time; 20 minutes is the duration that you can wait for the product to yield its good results. In addition to this, you can use the strip delivery technology. The product gives you ample time that you need to draw the sex satisfaction you require. It works in a combination of three doses. The first one is the Ginseng, and then the Dimiana, and finally, the final ingredient is the Fenugreek extract. The latter is what most people refer to as a change agent.

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Why use Prolongz?

You need to raise your game from the average guy performance of 8 minutes to do beyond the average time a lady takes to reach orgasm. This way, then you can be sure to enjoy all the sexual pleasures you need, not forgetting that this will definitely boost your confidence especially regarding the bedroom affair. Prolongz is there to bring you and your partner to that level of commitment and not just working the ordinary way. There are several reasons that keep those who have used this product ordering for more and more. Out of the most them, here are five good reasons why you too should join the team.

 Amazing benefits of Prolongz includes:

  • You get fast results after using it.
  • It is quite easy to use why you have read the description.
  • You do not require any sort of prescription.
  • They have been researched and have been found to be medically fit.
  • You need to raise your game to satisfy your lady.

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What Guarantee do you get by Using Prolongz?

Prolongz is the only product that guarantees you of increasing your ability to ejaculate. Consequently, you will have sex confidently and longer than you usually do. If you are looking for a better way of enhancing your performance in bed, then Prolongz is the product that is medically recommended and gives you that guarantee!

  • New studies recommend pairing up Prolongz with Superior Muscle X to give you the ultimate libido, testosterone, and stamina increase. When using these two products, you not only will be a dominate force in the bedroom, you can also can a RIPPED body in the process!

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